Online Dating Success System - Net2Bed - Put to the Test

By Grant Adams

The Net2Bed/Net2Wed online dating success system

I put Grant Adam's online dating success course to the test!
See screen shots of the results below.

Who is Grant Adams?online dating system
Before we get to the Net2Bed online dating product, I want to talk briefly about the author, Grant Adams (Grant is actually his pen name, he won't mind me telling you that his real name is Adam Gilad).

Grant is one of the truly nice and decent men in, what has now become, the Dating Industry. I’ve read some of his material, and it is alway clear that Grant wants to leave every man that he comes into contact with better than he was before.

I think a lot of this comes from Grant’s background. He got into writing about dating after going through all of the same crap that you and I have gone through, or are currently going through. He was in a long marriage that ended badly and suddenly he found himself back out on the dating market with no skills whatsoever. Sound familiar? Having been successful in other parts of life, he set out to get his dating life in order.

Being an analytical type, he gravitated towards online dating since he figured why spend a night in a bar talking to two or three women who might not even be in the market, when you could go online and interact with dozens of women that are actual hot prospects? He methodically did all the things some of us say we are going to do but never actually do. He wrote dozens of ads, and tested them in lots of markets. He made small changes and tracked the responses until he came up with a structured, repeatable formula for creating an online presence that draws women like crazy.

Online Dating the Net2Bed Way
Grant’s experience became the foundation of the Net2Bed System - the all-time, best-selling course on online dating. He found that his ideas were not only good for meeting women casually online, but also good for setting the foundation for a serious relationship. So much so that he changed the name of the product from Net2Bed to Net2Bed/Net2Wed!

So Grant says you will learn how to:

  • Create an Online Name that Allures her into knowing that you're the man of her dreams
  • Write the perfect headline
  • Create a Photo Experience that Electrifies her
  • Create Trust so that she invites you into her world
  • Be the Selector, not the selected
  • Present yourself in a way that makes HER want to continue the conversation
  • Create Anticipation and Mystery so that she will actually change her plans to meet you sooner
  • Embed Sexuality Without Sex
  • Get her to dream about you with suggestive images of the most exciting parts of your life and future
  • Subtly show Style in a confident, non-threatening, unpretentious way
  • Be a Nice-Enough Guy, but With An Edge
  • Suggest Intuitive Power to make her respect you and be intrigued by you

The course takes you through everything, step by step so that in the end, you have an awesome profile that will put you miles ahead of the other guys.

Net2Bed Put to the Test
So does it really work? I decided to put it all to the test and find out. Profile name, headline, new photos... everything. I’ve learned to do OK meeting women out in bars, but I have never head any real luck online. In looking back after taking the course, I now know why. My profiles were just dull as hell!

So I spent a few evenings going through the material and eventually came up with a profile that I was pretty excited about! It was nothing like any profile I had ever written before, but really did a good job of expressing all the best parts of my personality. I took some of the text Grant provided and adjusted it to fit my life and style, and wrote a few new things based on his ideas and on what I was looking for.

But just being happy with the profile was not good enough, I wanted to put it to the ultimate test and post it out on a dating site... so I did!

I selected the free dating site PlentyofFish.com because, well it’s free to everyone, has a huge membership, and everyone there seemed pretty middle-of-the-road normal. Since I was testing the strength of the profile, I decided to just post the profile and the new pictures I took of myself based on Grants suggestions (thank God for cameras with auto timers) and see what happens. I did not send out any emails or contact anyone on the site. I wanted any contact I received to be solely because of my profile.

Test Results
Well the response was almost immediate! I was getting two or three emails a day! Without doing anything! Grant goes into a lot of reasons why this is exactly what you want. You WANT all this to be HER idea so she is chasing YOU! This was the first time in my life when I felt like I got to choose, it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

The oddest thing was that the profile was so engaging to women that they felt compelled to write and say hello, just so they could compliment me on the profile!

Screen Shots of the Test Results
Here is my inbox. Notice that none of the emails are in response to a note from me. These are all cold emails from women wanting to meet me. Sometimes they asked me out right in the first email :)




Here are a few of the emails. You just can’t ask for better response. A few even get subtly sexual, right in the opening email!



OK Grant, You Win
I have to give the course a proper thumbs up. In a short amount of time, using the material in the course I generated a pool of over 40 women that I could choose from. Not all were a good match, but there were more than I few that I would like to meet. Certainly enough to keep me busy while I generated a list of another 40 or so! Online dating, done correctly, is a gift to men!

Find out more about the Net2Bed/Net2Wed online dating system


Editor's Note - After my original test, I gave the material to a co-worker who used the system to great success on Adult Friend Finder, the adult online dating site. He has some stories!


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